Thursday, November 19, 2009


It is hard not to focus on all the "goals of 2009" that are still not fulfilled.
But taking a little space, I think I can appreciate all that I have accomplished this year.
~~~ I got my etsy page up and linked it to
~~~ I have two picture book manuscripts that I think I can shop. (when I am ready to send to an agent).
~~~ I have made a huge amount of progress on my middle grade since June.
~~~ I have a wonderful mentor, who has kept me focused.
~~~ I met LJ friend, Kevin! and I was at the NEscbwi conference to enjoy Cindy's key note speech.
~~~ I stood up for myself, more than once when someone minimized my work. Thank you Natalie Goldberg for the quote over my studio desk, "Do Not be tossed away."
~~~ we celebrated our 29th anniversary. Which is so weird because I feel 29!
~~~ our youngest son went to college.
~~~ another son is moving out.
~~~ we traveled to North Carolina and visited family and spent 5 days reading on the beach. Ahhh
~~~ we spent time on Cape Cod, enjoying the beach.
~~~ I practiced Dreaming big! which is indeed a daily practice.

and I am going to celebrate all of that!

And of course, after a day off---- there is sooo much to do... back to work!

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