Monday, May 27, 2013

My interview with talented friend Elaine Bromka of TEA FOR THREE  off Broadway production.  I recommend you train to NYC with me to see the show! :)

~ Elaine, do you remember how we met?
~ I was at a convention to pitch my show to high schools.  As the day went on, I realized that almost all the teachers there were from elementary schools...I thought, "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,boy...what am I doing here?"  The hours began to drag... and finally, I took off for five minutes and started walking around to see the other booths.  Suddenly,  there was this radiant person, playing with that white sculpy dough and seeming to have not a care in the world.  I wanted to play with that dough more than anything!  She introduced herself and gave me my own little sculpy packet.  I was over the moon.  I went back to my own booth, rolled the dough into little flowers the reset of the afternoon, and saw the day in a whole new way.  A very zen experience.

~ I remember this differently. It was a boring event, and I walked around looking at the other artists' tables when I came across Elaine's table. We started talking and I had that familiar feeling when you meet someone and you instantly know they are wonderful. I instantly knew.

~ Did you write the script for Tea for Three?
~ I co-wrote it with Eric H. Weinberger, a wonderful playwright who has become one of my closest friends.

 ~ As a one-woman show, I was amazed at how you transform yourself from one character to the next. What do you love about this? What challenges have you faced?
~ I just plop on the wig and off I go!  Actually, I spent months at the Museum of Television and Radio, studying their vocal patterns and body movements.  I learned a tremendous amount by studying where they held tension in their bodies.  Those energy patterns told me secrets.

When did you first know you wanted to be an actor? 
In kindergarten.  I wanted to sing, "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning." I fantasized that everyone would be terribly moved.  Well, a few weeks later, I was  asked in class to sing three lines of "A Farmer in the Dell" as we all took turns,  and I nearly passed out. Nothing came out of my mouth.
Do you know how incredible you are?
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Do you know how wildly creative YOU are?

This Off-Broadway venue is fabulous!  Every artist, writer and I assume actor has the challenge of finding their inner marketing person. What were the challenges in promoting yourself/your show? How did you find your way through those struggles?I'm just stubborn. What it came down to was that I had a story I simply wanted to tell -- so I had to find a way to do just that.
  Is there anything you would like people to know?
 The show is 80 minutes long,  both funny and moving -- and ultimately, the kind of show that lifts you up.  I'm a big believer in radiant theater.  We all need to feel lifted up by art, in my book.

What advice to you give young aspiring actors? 
Just do it for yourself.   The wonderful actress Lee Grant said that to me decades ago-- and it's taken me all this time to realize what she meant.

Do you have a dream project/part that you want next? 
YES!  Take a vacation!!

Will this show travel anywhere else in the country? 
I plan to continue to take the show all over.  I love meeting people from entirely new  towns -- and sensing what life is like there.

And most importantly... what is your favorite color, favorite flower, favorite food? 
Favorite color?  Depends upon the time of day!  I love any color that gets hit perfectly by the light... a saffron color by morning light, periwinkle just as the sun is getting low... the magic happens between the sun and the color for me.
Favorite flower -- no wayyyyyyyyyyyy could I pick one.  I  tend a willllllllllllllddddddd perennial garden.  New things explode upward every 2 weeks.  I just have to walk through the beds to feel stress drop away.
Favorite food-- I have a terrible sweet tooth for dark chocolate.  And I went 20 years without touching a potato chip -- then they were put into my line of sight.  Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...once I start, I'm a goner.

Link for TICKETS:    

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tea For Three

Are you there? I am pretty sure Elaine is going to say YES to an interview! I got to see this show and I was absolutely blown away by it! Elaine transforms herself and gives us amazing insight into these three first ladies! 

Check back for an interview and plan a trip to New York! 
You must see this show and then you can come back here and thank me for recommending it! 

The Theatre at 30th Street
259 West 30th St. between 7th and 8th Avenues
May 30- June 29  
For ticket details and a video clip, go to:

Sunday, February 3, 2013

My first VIDEO REVIEW!! oy oy oy!

I LOVE and you should too!
Monica Lee is amazing! Her video interviews are so much fun and super informative.

I took her course:
Videos and downloads that really help you look at what you are working on and how you work with more clarity! (next is the CLARITY COACHING CLASS!! she has that too!)

One of the interviews that Monica did was with Lilla Rogers of Lilla Rogers Studio.
I was so touched by Lilla's honesty, creativity, and the support and pride she has in her artists that I could not wait for her book to come out! 
YES, you read that right! LILLA WROTE A BEAUTIFUL BOOK!!!

Here it is....................

And since I wanted to show it to you, I did a video review too!

After listening to Monica's interviews I decided that in 2013 I am going to follow my heart and make efforts to step out of my comfort zone and believe me seeing and hearing myself on video--EEK!
Then there was the learning curve of how to flip it (photo-booth had the book image reversed!).

But now it is flipped and you can see it here (above) or on youtube if that upload isn't working.... it's 12:30 am and I am too tired to fix it!

So check out Monica's website SMARTCREATIVEWOMEN and 
the book I JUST LIKE TO MAKE THINGS by Lilla Rogers

I think you will love them!

Monday, December 31, 2012

Good Bye 2012! and Welcome 2013!

Goodbye 2012!

Part of me wants to say 2012 was a bad year. 
Goals were not met.
Scary health issues came to life.
Dangerous people caused harm.
One son moved two time zones away.
Another son joined the army national guard (which is scary for a mom).

But, I see it like this....
It's true, there are work goals I didn't meet, but I took important steps toward them. Steps I didn't know about so I couldn't have made them my goals. But now I know. And I am proud of those steps.

The scary health issues, we have good doctors, we do our best to stay informed and pro-active. We know more about preventing future problems and together we handle it. Together, thankful for that.

The dangerous people did cause harm. Some harm we could see, other harm we could not see. Those people through legal action and karma will be learning a lesson. Together are taking care of each other ~ together, thankful for that.

One son moved away. He may or may not stay there. My sister and her family is there and that is a great safety net and support for him as he finds a new job and enjoys the new surroundings. And what we really want for our children, what everyone really wants, is for them to find their own way and to be happy.

and, the army national guard. He loves it. He loves the physical and mental challenge and he has found a path that he really likes. I am very proud of the man he has become, and I have full faith that he will continue to bring goodness to the world.

2012, was challenging. But I don't blame you, 2012. You made us stronger in way too many ways. You, 2012 tested us. And not all the challenges end today, some we carry forward, but we also carry forward the knowledge that we are pretty resilient, together. 


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New New New-ness

So, since the last post and discovering clarity ~~ I have added new designs to
The first is the circle, it can contain 18 characters, seen below with children's names!
I love the circle and I think inspiration - encouraging words would be great as well.

What if you have more to say than 18 characters?
Oh the lovely tags! The long tag is 1" and the smaller one is about 3/4" these
are charming alone or with a little group. 

The tags are also great for the growing (we may have more babies!) family.
How can you commit to a circle if you are adding to the brood?!!

Here is the circle on the small jewelry stand (with the 18" chain).

And here is the tags on the jewelry stand with the 18" chain!

If you are considering a custom piece for the holidays ~ don't delay!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Awesome Holidays!

I make stuff.

I don't always know if what I do makes sense together. Other people (darn those 'others') seem to know exactly what their style is. The others know exactly what they are doing and how it will blend seamlessly. Others find their way, they know which road to choose, they march confidently toward their goals. The others are hard to keep up with!

I feel like I do the backstroke. I don't know where I am going, can't see the edge of the pool, but I keep going. Sometimes, a lot of times, I may be swimming in circles. 
I follow my muse.

My muse is immature, she runs, she hides, she pouts, and she mopes around kicking dirt. She tells salty jokes, she leads me down dead ends and laughs when I trip and fall. She also shows me the stars, and the sea. She shows me the beauty in nature and art and then I can suddenly see a peek of beauty here, in my work. She is quite clever at that.  I see connections I didn't see, I see myself in my work, oh..

This weekend, a friend and I went to a small-business event, which seemed like a good idea to buy from multiple small businesses at once.  Wrong.
This is what we found...
~1.   a woman who sells a wrap to reduce cellulite by inches, all I have to do is wrap myself in magic cloth and drink half my weight in water.. HALF MY WEIGHT IN WATER! Yeah, the cellulite will bloat nice and smooth!
~2.   a woman who sells creams for aging skin, tea for youthful energy and all other kinds of herbs to make middle age women young and soft and newborn like.
~3.   a woman who sells cleansing juices to promote, you guessed it - youthfulness, wellness and energy.
~ 4.  I could book a booth for a spray tan (because you know I am not the right color-who is?)
~5.   Then there was a mother-daughter massage cream team, they were selling creams that could help with yep, low energy, stress, AGING! She put some on my hand, it had a strong scent, I didn't feel more energetic, but as I kept smelling it- lemony, familiar, it SMELLED EXACTLY LIKE LEMON PLEDGE!  I energetically wanted to find a rest room to wash my hands!

Apparently, the vendors were told~ "tired, wrinkly, stressed out, middle aged woman are coming and their colons need cleansing-stat!" Women selling women stuff to fix themselves.

Oh, there was a few tables of jewelry, and tote bags, and handmade jackets, but mostly the message was "Happy Holidays, You aren't good enough!"

I see why I was there!!!

I see my mission, I see my common thread....
~~From the bathroom, (don't judge me) I put quotes, words of wisdom up for inspiration in the picture over the toilet so that my sons & their friends saw those wise words when they were standing there ;) (hey, my bathroom-wisdom was photographed by teens and used in year books! :) 
~~ my whole-school visits, with the message-- everyone is an artist, I hear you, I see your work, it means something! We are a community of creative thinkers!!
~~my middle grade novel about a girl in a large family of boys = belonging, being heard.
~~my picture book art I am creating in a more kid-accessible style.

and now.... my Silver Jewelry, custom made, with text! 
Because I want women to wear their message of WRITE, CREATE, BELIEVE, FAITH, LOVE, Leap and the net will appear, whimsy, serendipity, Imagination is everything. I want women no matter what the outside package, to FEEL worthy, to remember their worth, to remind the other women in their tribe that we are all pretty amazing.   Smart, wise, loving silver worn and gifted to others. Positive messages of growth and acceptance. 

It is a gift to see connections.
I received a great gift.
Clarity for my mission.
YOU ARE PERFECT! YOU ARE SMART! YOU ARE IMPORTANT!  and you can keep every little cellulite and wrinkle, and you are still fine with me! Feel joyful! 
Happy Creative Holidays!

(You can see my jewelry at and maybe a peek in the scroll there on the right column of this page, if I did that right! ; )
ps... cyber monday 20% off with the coupon code: awesome  (because you are! :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Print- print-printing...

My first job (besides babysitting) was typing town records on this machine:

No, I am not old... town halls are old! All town records were typed on metal in case the town hall burned down! Pretty sure they updated this process by now ; )

 When I left that job they gave me a certificate for 
DOG LICENSE TECHNICIAN with a the town seal : )

My next job was working at JCP in the fabric department. I didn't know how to sew, and I learned so much about patterns, designing, and color.  It opened up a whole world of project possibilities for me. 
I designed baby crib sets, wall art, and stuffed teddy bears. 

Then they promoted me to management, which came with the cool job of staying late after work and printing the rack signs... which looked like this:
I printed the signs on all the racks that said SALE 20% OFF 

Now, I find myself printing on silver jewelry! This is my newest design - I made a silver key modeled after one of my keys in my antique keys collection.

As much as things change, sometimes it feels a bit like they stay the same.

You can see all my silver jewelry designs at