Friday, December 31, 2010

My 2010 discovery

I am writing a middle grade novel that is hilariously funny.
Well, that is the idea.
Right now it is a draft of a middle grade novel that has a quirky, snarky main character and is funny.

I am blessed with a writing mentor who believes in me even when I don't quite believe in myself.

My mentor told me to keep a journal about writing this story, so I could discover my process for the next book.
Yes... you read that right. My brilliant mentor believes I can be a writer, and there will be more than one book.

I didn't see the real value to this journal since I didn't think I had a writing process.
I am not sure I have an art process either.
"Process" seems like my own personal system for getting from here to there. A system? Someone who has a process is more organized than I am. How could I have a process?

I wrote the journal anyway because I have a brilliant mentor and what she says, I do.
Last night, I was thinking about 2010, about my goals. About the goals I didn't quite achieve.
Then I thought about that journal.

I decided to read it.
I made a most important discovery.

EVERY time I make any progress or when I have a good idea, I follow it up with a beating.
Yes, you read that right. A BEATING. I beat myself up. I taser myself. I tell myself that my ideas are not good enough that I am not good enough, that I don't exercise enough (I always add a body-jab during the beating).
Reading this "process" was startling.
It felt like my eight year old self having an idea and every time I raised my hand.. slap!

I end 2010 with a new awareness,
and great freedom!
Freedom to end that cycle, today. I am letting it go because that is not going to be my process.

I am so glad I kept that journal. Seeing those words, the mean doubty words, made me own this unproductive behavior. It also made me realize I have actually gotten a lot done even as these demons
keep showing up to stop me.

Now I have a new start,
a new year
a new process!!
This process is about acceptance. This new process is about trusting my ideas are leading me deeper into the story. This process is about being thankful for all these ideas. I am deeply thankful for the ideas and for the creativity and for the space and place to nurture them.
Happy Thankful 2011!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy 1st Dogiversary!

We brought Gibbs home 1 year ago today!
I didn't sleep well last night, and this morning I was moving slower than my usual slow. Gibbs was up and ready to roll! He raced around the house, raced around the yard. Did his business, ate a little breakfast and ran around the house barking some more.
He ran barking at the college boys rooms and I heard mumbled, "Gibbsshutup."
He ran over to the tree that is tied to the wall and started pulling the branches with his teeth!!! 
I said,"NO! Gibbs NO!!
He rang his bell to go out.
He scratched the door to come in. Out, in, out, in he kept this up over and over.
I finally decided to get showered and dressed and tried to find some energy.
By the time I came out of the room....
Gibbs was asleep in his bed!!!
Happy Dogiversary!! 
I do not know what we would do without you!!! 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Simple holiday pleasures!

I am never shy about the terrible way I handle stress. It pushes down on my head and cuts off my oxygen supply and the only thing that saves me is something creative.

Getting the tree up and decorated was not just a creative project, but it tested our patience, my patience and since it fell down over and over and over, we had to recut the trunk, and in the end I tied it to the wall. It was a 3 hour project just to get it to stand up! In the end, I think I won, so far.

... and outside, we have just a bit of snow. I usually put wreaths in the windows, but the boys complain that they shake at night in the cold wind (and they are not willing to suffer sleep for decor-wierd).
anyway, this year I put greens, pinecones and ribbon together... I think it turned out okay and it doesn't rattle the windows! So we can all sleep.

Happy Holidays and Sweet Dreams to all!

Monday, December 13, 2010


I still have some bracelets in my etsy shop!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hello out there!!

December already!
It has been a busy fall.
I finally was able to spend an entire day in my studio yesterday. On one hand my studio is a refuge. No phone, no internet, all my wonderful art treasures, but on the other hand I have been thinking of giving classes there. Or creating a gallery space.
 I think making a community space could work also.

hmmmmm something to ponder. What do you think?

I hope you are feeling creative, because it is time to spread your wings!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Where is November rushing off to??

Where is the time going? Wasn't halloween just a minute ago?
I have been busy with the Artist E-pprenticeship. I had more information than I thought, so I have gone past the Nov. 15 end, and now I have to get the download ready.

I spent Thursday and Friday at my sister's house. I had the JOY JOY JOY of picking up a 6 month old puppy and delivering it to their house!
We surprised the three kids and it was just great!
He is a shetland sheepdog. Doesn't he look a lot like Lassie?
He has a wonderful sweet personality.

Now I am back home and seeing that a colony of dust bunnies have moved in. I think they want to play on the laundry mountain!
I have a nice quiet day today. Perfect for cleaning up... or writing!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


The number is 0 tg and that means ZERO thyroid cancer! 

After 6 months waiting for testing, and ultrasound, rai 131 testing and blood, blood, and more blood.... ZERO.

I cannot believe it.

Now I can finish this cry of relief.... and make plans to move on!!!


(dear facebook friends, I am sorry for the cross posting! XOXO!!!_

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Watercolor and pastel approx. 22 x 30

Working on Artist E-pprenticeship! My clay art illustrations have been published in Scholastic uk, but not here in the US. You do not need a published picture book to put together school visits.
What you do need to do is to take a step back and look at your artwork and how it translates to children's art. And you need some knowledge of school curriculum and how you can apply your art to that.
I am going to help you.
I am going to give you what I know, what I have done, and the steps you can take to build your own programs. It is all up to you!

It looks like the information, format, and instructions for sign up should be ready for Friday October 1! 
Thank goodness for uber-smart web-people! 

Until then, make some art!

Monday, September 27, 2010

You are so worth it!

I have been working on the ARTIST E-PPRENITICESHIP today.
If you want to be a professional artist, you have to act professionally. 
To me that means I show up early, I have prepared a thoughtful, fun, lesson plan that exceeds the expectations of the venue, my paperwork is in order and I get paid for my work.  

Isn't it so difficult to feel comfortable about setting your fees, pricing your work, valuing yourself! 
It is hard enough to declare yourself an artist! To see your art as REAL, to see yourself as REAL and then just when you get all those ducks in a row... you have to get the swans in a row too!
The swan is the fees, the value, the beauty of getting paid so you can continue on... getting paid makes art possible! More art! More programs!
After all, if we the artists do not value ourselves how will anyone else?
this bill is for illustration purposes only! do not attempt to print! ; )

Friday, September 24, 2010

TGIF write!

Busy writing weekend! Polishing up the Artist E-pprenticeship class info. and
working on my middle grade novel.

Because I write in the kitchen window seat, and my hub works from home, and one college son is in and out to work and classes, and another other college son is home recovering from wisdom teeth removal, they talk to me when they come and go from the kitchen so I started wearing ear buds.  They think I can't hear them and it has cut down the interruptions!

One of my writer friends gave me this cute door knob sign. But without a door knob, or a door, I decided this morning to wear it! ; )

I hope you have a happy writing/creating weekend!

I almost forgot. My assistant sits in the window seat too!

professor gibbs dreaming of plot points and character development!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Home from the Writing retreat!

Home from the Writing Retreat weekend in beautiful Maine!
One of our fabulous children's book writers is also the owner of a lovely campground in Poland, Maine... yes, near Poland Spring!
Since Tam can't wander far during the camp season, which doesn't end until October, she invites a group of us to come twice a year and write, share and relax!
Doesn't this look relaxing?!!

I have no problem writing, and I am very good at relaxing, but then there is the SHARING. OY.
I wish I could say I just pick something and read it without any angst at all. And even though I am in this lovely setting with these smart, talented, thoughtful, writers, I still get nervous when it come time to share.
It actually starts the week before, when I start freaking out that I am not worthy. That my writing is not good enough, that nothing is new enough, that I need more time. Knowing of course that there is not enough time in the world. That I will always have this last minute feeling.
So, I ignore it. I hear it, I wallow in it, then I ignore it and I pack. I make copies, I pack the car and I start driving.
By the time I finish the 6 hour drive, I am tired and happy to see my friends. Then I really remember that I am safe with them. My words are safe here. 
We meet Saturday, sit in a circle of chairs and each read. We spend 20 minutes on each person's work. It is a long day, and when it is finished, we walk to the lake, we have a big dinner and too much wine.
I am thankful for all of them. They heard my story (I read a picture book) and encouraged me to submit it.
Here are some of us, hanging out after a long day of reading... and successful sharing!

What do I do when I get home from a long, creative weekend? I sign up for Mondo Beyondo DreamLab!
Will you be there too? 
I thought I could handle doing that, while I finish the E-pprenticeship plans!
Registration will open October 1!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Writing retreat weekend!

I can't wait to go to make Maine for an annual writing retreat.

Friday, I leave for my long drive to Maine. A fun get together on Friday night, then Saturday we share some writing. Zoinks. 
I have the next few days to figure out what I am reading. 
A chapter from my middle grade?  A new picture book? 
I read a picture book last time and everyone's insight was so valuable I was able to polish it up! There is nothing like the kind eyes and ears of this group of talented writers to see where I want to go and how I can get there!
I hope you have a creative week to polish up some of your works in progress too!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday night!

Poodle Parade, double page spread

Where did the weekend go? One more day would be nice. Very nice. 
Tomorrow, full day at the studio! sweet!
Did you see the Artist E-pprenticeship page? I am so excited about doing this. I am working to get the right internet data base. Wondering if I should create a social networking page, or post on a blog site. 
I have taken classes both ways and liked them both.
If you have a feeling either way, shoot me an email through my website

Friday, September 10, 2010

a very important week

It was a really wonderful week....

Total Baby Bliss!!

This weekend is full of studio time,  working on paintings, and my Artist E-pprenticeship
which will be October 25 - November 15!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Translating your art into other mediums!

Have you ever watched Ace of Cakes? or Cake Boss?
I am not a great cook or a great baker. But I did have a friend who had a custom bakery.

She had an order for a large cake and asked if I could help her. The birthday lady had 24 dogs, mostly chihuahuas I think. Well V. called and wanted me to create dogs out of white chocolate.

Have you seen my portfolio...
so you can see it could translate to cake!

I gave it a try:

I wasn't the one to airbrush the dogs, but I was happy with their gestures and poses.
The cake was a huge success (and sold for a HUGE price)
(ps. ears were attached after the white chocolate dried.)

The Artist E-pprenticeship is about this too.. about taking what you know here.. and applying it over here and over there.

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!

And if the ACE OF CAKES gives me a call.... I will say YES and be there asap!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thanks for the questions!

Thank you for the emailed questions. I will be answering them all in the E-pprenticeship.

My goal is that you all have enough info that you can begin scheduling visits for THIS school year!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


If you think you are interested in the ARTIST E-PPRENTICESHIP feel free to send me a question in the comments or a topic you want to be sure I cover. I think I have it together, but there is always a viewpoint that I could miss!
I am covering the original opportunity,
the types of situations presented in schools,
qualifications in some areas (ie, insurance, fingerprinting),
planning a creative experience that meets the learning standards,
marketing your program,
contracts, payment,
corporate sponsorship,
pacing your class,
and pre and post lesson plans.

if you rather not leave a comment here you can also DM me on Twitter 'LauraHamor' or email me through my website or contact me through facebook (link on this sidebar).

Saturday, August 28, 2010


School is just around the corner.... and that means school visit opportunities are coming too!
ARTIST E-PPRENTICESHIP from Oct 25 to Nov 15 
this is so you can create their own program and have it ready to roll for this school year!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Balancing projects!

Balancing writing my middle grade story,
my artwork and the E-PPRENTICESHIP!!

I was so excited today while working on the
ARTIST E-PPRENTICESHIP ~ from Studio to Students~
creating your arts-in-education programs.

There is so much information that I have saved....
contracts, lesson plans, ideas, projects, marketing
all in binders and folders that I am so anxious to share.

More details next week!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Artist E-pprenticeship

I am so excited the more I work on the Artist E-pprenticeship!

It will be OCTOBER 25 to NOVEMBER 15

Which means by November 15 you will have enough info if you want to put a program together and have it ready for this 2010-2011 winter!

If you have always wanted to move your art in a teaching artist direction, this is going to be for you!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcome our new nephew ~~~ GAVIN!

Isn't he cute! 9 lbs and 3 oz of adorable!
Not much work done this week, too much time spent swooning over this little guy.
So hard to live 3 hours away, but I am so glad we were able to be there for his big debut!

Tomorrow: working on the Artist E-pprenticeship!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


My first arts in education school visits were as an apprentice. 
I think being an apprentice is a great way to learn something new.  
The first step was taking a business/ art/ curriculum look at creating a program, then I followed my mentor for his school visits. And finally, I wrote a program that he observed.

I love being an Artist in Residence, I create programs that address the learning standards and contain meaningful curriculum content while boosting the students creativity, build school community and 
are so much FUN!!

I have always LOVED it. 

I once stood in front of a cafeteria of 1st graders, to begin a program, and when I took my artwork out and showed it to them .......... they gave me a standing ovation!

 A STANDING OVATION from 6 year olds!!!

 It was so loving and sweet I could have fainted.
I soaked it up.

Pure love.

If you want to visit schools, libraries and museums as 
an artist in residence, I have good news! I am offering an
apprenticeship... an E-pprenticeship!

October 25 - November 15!!!
details coming soon!!!!

THIS is how excited I am! Isn't she cute!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This has been one hot summer in the Northeast!!  See the heat coming through the shades...........

Yesterday, I went to the studio with the intention of getting some painting finished.  But I just fixed my printer problems, so I decided to move the printer, then I cleaned off the cart the printer used to be on, and thought it would be perfect for my kiln... suddenly I was rearranging and clearing up studio stuff. Not really the plan, but it looks great and things are in better, more convenient locations.
But there is a table that is quite wobbly, I looked underneath and realized I need an allen wrench to fix it.

So this morning I went searching for allen wrenches in the garage. I think we have a key chain of them, and then.... ahha! An actual AHHA moment!! I had to run into the house, before it disappeared....
My next middle grade book idea was born! He is a fun character, quirky, smart and a great personality. AND I know his story. I know what he wants. I know how bumpy his road is going to be.....

we interrupt the painting list to insert.... a rough draft! Have a great day painting, creating and WRITING!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The business of art........

The BUSINESS of ART has been weighing me down... but today I went to the studio and thought only about the creating of ART..

I made a wonderful juicy mess ~~~~~~~~~~~

and even did a celebration dance!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I almost forgot your Saturday message ...........

This is a message for YOU.... in case you forgot!

We interrupt the 95 degree Hottest summer ever temps......

Hard to remember the snowy winter when we are drenched in this 95 degree summer heat.

Now doesn't that make you feel cooler???  : )

Monday, August 2, 2010

I love bright rich paint colors!

Tomorrow I am starting on the prepped canvas' that are all lined up in my studio!
Can't wait to start some new flower art. Bright, sunny, and cheerful like this one:

this Bright pitcher of flowers is 20" x 20" acrylic on paper.

or maybe something more like this one:

This blue dianthus is saturated watercolor and pastel on paper, it measures approx. 24"x18"

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Today's message, for you ~~~~~~~~

OuTSIDE ThE LiNeS!!!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Studio!!!!!!!!!!

My studio is in a warehouse about 5 miles from my house.
Along the right wall are a few doorways that are boarded up. They used to lead to the rest of the warehouse, but now my space is separate. In the main room, there is a glass door, that leads to nowhere. The space is only 5 inches deep, and only as wide as the door. Perfect for art shelves.

So it used to be like this:

the door to nowhere........................

and now it looks like this.........

and like this...........

putting shelves in that space and my paints having a real home (instead of in a box next to the easel) makes me giddy with happiness!  I am so weird!

Monday, July 26, 2010

In Illustrator News ~~~~~~

I was chosen as ILLUSTRATOR OF THE WEEK on!

It was a great way to start the day ~~  a feel good Monday! With no humidity it is a beautiful summer day.

THANK YOU  to .............

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Living room redo

This is the living room BEFORE... we didn't hate it, but even with all the windows, it felt dark.

... and this is After! Funny that the furniture looks greener. I love the room lighter and brighter!

Is it weird for an artist to have a wall of blank frames??

Sunday, July 4, 2010


The house is quiet. Just Professor Gibbs and me... we are celebrating our independence by working on the middle grade story and playing fetch.
Hope you are celebrating your independence!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Time to CREATE!!

Creating isn't always writing. It isn't always paintings or illustrations or portfolio pieces either.
It is not even always about jewelry ~~~~

sometimes it is about helping friends, creating meaningful friendships.
sometimes it is about spending down time with our sons and family.
sometimes it is about painting the living room and creating a comfortable home.
lately, the creating has been of the house kind;

But we went over and got the air conditioner working in the studio, so I get back there....  I am excited to get back to painting!
I have 6 clean new 10 x 10 canvas's!

I am ready to CREATE!

Monday, June 14, 2010


I am almost finished with this revision of a picture book manuscript!! That means that I can FINALLY create some new jewelry pieces for my site!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I have had some very positive feedback, and great support for the story I am writing.  It is going to be a funny middle grade novel, but for now I can only call it a story, because it doesn't feel like a "novel" to me.
For some reason when I get a lot of encouragement it can freeze me up. I am afraid of disappointing the people who believe in me. Failure. oyks!
But, then today a lightbulb goes on.... we have a puppy. I never thought I couldn't train him.
Isn't he cute?
He is 7 months old. He is house trained, and crate trained. He knows "sit", and "stay" and "treats" and "hurry up go potty" and he comes when I call him. I never thought of failure. I took it one day, one plan, one treat at a time. If he had a success I built on that. A mistake, a day that was a "failure" I just ignored it and went back to the beginning. We stayed on course. OH! HELLO!!! LIGHTBULB MOMENT...
I will get this story finished, because I will. That is it. No fear, no freezing, just writing...........

This is a picture of me at Robin's cabin, writing. Writing without fear. Just doing it. So, the same as puppy training... I am moving forward, building on success, one day at a time!! : )

Thursday, June 3, 2010

It has been a busy spring.  We have been rethinking space in our house. We had a too big tv cabinet, and decided to change it to something more suited to the way we really live.  So we spent a few days building the long shelf bench. We love it. It works with the space and gives us more places for books! We have book in every room, so I am trying to create different kinds of storage for all these very loved books!  
In art-news I am taking an e-course by Kelly Rae Roberts,ecourse button . It is always fun to start a new adventure!!!!  As a matter of fact, I think you could probably still sign up if you are interested. I am pretty sure this is the only time Kelly will offer the class this year.  
Today's favorite quote: 


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