Saturday, August 21, 2010


My first arts in education school visits were as an apprentice. 
I think being an apprentice is a great way to learn something new.  
The first step was taking a business/ art/ curriculum look at creating a program, then I followed my mentor for his school visits. And finally, I wrote a program that he observed.

I love being an Artist in Residence, I create programs that address the learning standards and contain meaningful curriculum content while boosting the students creativity, build school community and 
are so much FUN!!

I have always LOVED it. 

I once stood in front of a cafeteria of 1st graders, to begin a program, and when I took my artwork out and showed it to them .......... they gave me a standing ovation!

 A STANDING OVATION from 6 year olds!!!

 It was so loving and sweet I could have fainted.
I soaked it up.

Pure love.

If you want to visit schools, libraries and museums as 
an artist in residence, I have good news! I am offering an
apprenticeship... an E-pprenticeship!

October 25 - November 15!!!
details coming soon!!!!

THIS is how excited I am! Isn't she cute!

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