Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This has been one hot summer in the Northeast!!  See the heat coming through the shades...........

Yesterday, I went to the studio with the intention of getting some painting finished.  But I just fixed my printer problems, so I decided to move the printer, then I cleaned off the cart the printer used to be on, and thought it would be perfect for my kiln... suddenly I was rearranging and clearing up studio stuff. Not really the plan, but it looks great and things are in better, more convenient locations.
But there is a table that is quite wobbly, I looked underneath and realized I need an allen wrench to fix it.

So this morning I went searching for allen wrenches in the garage. I think we have a key chain of them, and then.... ahha! An actual AHHA moment!! I had to run into the house, before it disappeared....
My next middle grade book idea was born! He is a fun character, quirky, smart and a great personality. AND I know his story. I know what he wants. I know how bumpy his road is going to be.....

we interrupt the painting list to insert.... a rough draft! Have a great day painting, creating and WRITING!


  1. Enjoy your writing...go for whatever inspires you!!
    I love your sweet photos in the post below too...made me smile :-)

  2. I'm happy for your aha moment. :) thanks for grabing my button. It was easy to make just follow the instructions I linked to. :) I'll be happy to grab your button when you create it.

  3. I hope your rought draft went well. It's amazing when and where ideas will get into your head. Good luck!

  4. Thanks Annette!

    Natasha! Thank you for the link for "how to create a button" will let you know when I finish it!

    Suzanne! I love my necklace. I have been wearing it every day- goes with everything! : )