Friday, September 24, 2010

TGIF write!

Busy writing weekend! Polishing up the Artist E-pprenticeship class info. and
working on my middle grade novel.

Because I write in the kitchen window seat, and my hub works from home, and one college son is in and out to work and classes, and another other college son is home recovering from wisdom teeth removal, they talk to me when they come and go from the kitchen so I started wearing ear buds.  They think I can't hear them and it has cut down the interruptions!

One of my writer friends gave me this cute door knob sign. But without a door knob, or a door, I decided this morning to wear it! ; )

I hope you have a happy writing/creating weekend!

I almost forgot. My assistant sits in the window seat too!

professor gibbs dreaming of plot points and character development!

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  1. Somehow, with all that is going on around us, we get our work done. I work at my laptop at the kitchen table, with the curtain open to the backyard. We're getting an addition put on, and I see workers come and go all day. When it gets too distracting, I shut the curtain, but then I miss the natural lighting. Oh well, such is the problems with working at home.