Sunday, September 19, 2010

Home from the Writing retreat!

Home from the Writing Retreat weekend in beautiful Maine!
One of our fabulous children's book writers is also the owner of a lovely campground in Poland, Maine... yes, near Poland Spring!
Since Tam can't wander far during the camp season, which doesn't end until October, she invites a group of us to come twice a year and write, share and relax!
Doesn't this look relaxing?!!

I have no problem writing, and I am very good at relaxing, but then there is the SHARING. OY.
I wish I could say I just pick something and read it without any angst at all. And even though I am in this lovely setting with these smart, talented, thoughtful, writers, I still get nervous when it come time to share.
It actually starts the week before, when I start freaking out that I am not worthy. That my writing is not good enough, that nothing is new enough, that I need more time. Knowing of course that there is not enough time in the world. That I will always have this last minute feeling.
So, I ignore it. I hear it, I wallow in it, then I ignore it and I pack. I make copies, I pack the car and I start driving.
By the time I finish the 6 hour drive, I am tired and happy to see my friends. Then I really remember that I am safe with them. My words are safe here. 
We meet Saturday, sit in a circle of chairs and each read. We spend 20 minutes on each person's work. It is a long day, and when it is finished, we walk to the lake, we have a big dinner and too much wine.
I am thankful for all of them. They heard my story (I read a picture book) and encouraged me to submit it.
Here are some of us, hanging out after a long day of reading... and successful sharing!

What do I do when I get home from a long, creative weekend? I sign up for Mondo Beyondo DreamLab!
Will you be there too? 
I thought I could handle doing that, while I finish the E-pprenticeship plans!
Registration will open October 1!


  1. sounds like fun!! You're very lucky to belong to such a group :)

  2. "Then I really remember that I am safe with them. My words are safe here."

    That is the SWEETEST, most wonderful thing to say Laura. Thank you.

  3. THANK YOU Tam for being such a safe place to land!!

    I revised Glitter and I actually like it! I am so glad I dusted her off! LOL!

  4. And have you submitted it? Have you done that extra step that really makes it a finished project? I hope so. You seem very brave about your creativity. Good luck.

  5. SUZANNE!! I DID!! I sent it out into the world!!! I will keep you posted!
    Thanks for the luck and the cheer!