Friday, September 3, 2010

Translating your art into other mediums!

Have you ever watched Ace of Cakes? or Cake Boss?
I am not a great cook or a great baker. But I did have a friend who had a custom bakery.

She had an order for a large cake and asked if I could help her. The birthday lady had 24 dogs, mostly chihuahuas I think. Well V. called and wanted me to create dogs out of white chocolate.

Have you seen my portfolio...
so you can see it could translate to cake!

I gave it a try:

I wasn't the one to airbrush the dogs, but I was happy with their gestures and poses.
The cake was a huge success (and sold for a HUGE price)
(ps. ears were attached after the white chocolate dried.)

The Artist E-pprenticeship is about this too.. about taking what you know here.. and applying it over here and over there.

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!

And if the ACE OF CAKES gives me a call.... I will say YES and be there asap!!


  1. wow you did a great job. Good enough to eat!

  2. Thanks! It was definitely an outside-the-artbox moment.

  3. Laura, I couldn't find an email addy for you . May I use your question about introduing a new dog on my blog as a part of a Q&A post?

  4. Marianne!
    Oh of course... I will have to get an email addy available here.

  5. You did a wonderful job. I used to work at a cake boutique, and I know just how skilled you have to be to make something like that. I baked all the cakes, so I always said that my job was to make sure the cakes tasted good.

  6. Thanks Suzanne! It was fun stepping out of my box and applying my work to something new! Lucky for everyone I only had to sculpt, not bake!
    : )