Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I have had some very positive feedback, and great support for the story I am writing.  It is going to be a funny middle grade novel, but for now I can only call it a story, because it doesn't feel like a "novel" to me.
For some reason when I get a lot of encouragement it can freeze me up. I am afraid of disappointing the people who believe in me. Failure. oyks!
But, then today a lightbulb goes on.... we have a puppy. I never thought I couldn't train him.
Isn't he cute?
He is 7 months old. He is house trained, and crate trained. He knows "sit", and "stay" and "treats" and "hurry up go potty" and he comes when I call him. I never thought of failure. I took it one day, one plan, one treat at a time. If he had a success I built on that. A mistake, a day that was a "failure" I just ignored it and went back to the beginning. We stayed on course. OH! HELLO!!! LIGHTBULB MOMENT...
I will get this story finished, because I will. That is it. No fear, no freezing, just writing...........

This is a picture of me at Robin's cabin, writing. Writing without fear. Just doing it. So, the same as puppy training... I am moving forward, building on success, one day at a time!! : )

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