Saturday, June 26, 2010

Time to CREATE!!

Creating isn't always writing. It isn't always paintings or illustrations or portfolio pieces either.
It is not even always about jewelry ~~~~

sometimes it is about helping friends, creating meaningful friendships.
sometimes it is about spending down time with our sons and family.
sometimes it is about painting the living room and creating a comfortable home.
lately, the creating has been of the house kind;

But we went over and got the air conditioner working in the studio, so I get back there....  I am excited to get back to painting!
I have 6 clean new 10 x 10 canvas's!

I am ready to CREATE!


  1. Ah! here you are!
    I am intereted in teaching art to school children and teachers. Keep me posted on your progress with a pdf!

  2. Thanks Suzanna!
    I will announce it here, twitter and facebook (on FLYING LESSONS group!)
    : )