Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Studio!!!!!!!!!!

My studio is in a warehouse about 5 miles from my house.
Along the right wall are a few doorways that are boarded up. They used to lead to the rest of the warehouse, but now my space is separate. In the main room, there is a glass door, that leads to nowhere. The space is only 5 inches deep, and only as wide as the door. Perfect for art shelves.

So it used to be like this:

the door to nowhere........................

and now it looks like this.........

and like this...........

putting shelves in that space and my paints having a real home (instead of in a box next to the easel) makes me giddy with happiness!  I am so weird!


  1. What an awesome use of the space! I love it.

  2. Thanks Natalee. I am so glad that I finally put the shelves up. Sooo much better than keeping my paints in a box next to the easel!