Monday, December 31, 2012

Good Bye 2012! and Welcome 2013!

Goodbye 2012!

Part of me wants to say 2012 was a bad year. 
Goals were not met.
Scary health issues came to life.
Dangerous people caused harm.
One son moved two time zones away.
Another son joined the army national guard (which is scary for a mom).

But, I see it like this....
It's true, there are work goals I didn't meet, but I took important steps toward them. Steps I didn't know about so I couldn't have made them my goals. But now I know. And I am proud of those steps.

The scary health issues, we have good doctors, we do our best to stay informed and pro-active. We know more about preventing future problems and together we handle it. Together, thankful for that.

The dangerous people did cause harm. Some harm we could see, other harm we could not see. Those people through legal action and karma will be learning a lesson. Together are taking care of each other ~ together, thankful for that.

One son moved away. He may or may not stay there. My sister and her family is there and that is a great safety net and support for him as he finds a new job and enjoys the new surroundings. And what we really want for our children, what everyone really wants, is for them to find their own way and to be happy.

and, the army national guard. He loves it. He loves the physical and mental challenge and he has found a path that he really likes. I am very proud of the man he has become, and I have full faith that he will continue to bring goodness to the world.

2012, was challenging. But I don't blame you, 2012. You made us stronger in way too many ways. You, 2012 tested us. And not all the challenges end today, some we carry forward, but we also carry forward the knowledge that we are pretty resilient, together. 


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