Saturday, October 20, 2012

Time sure flies ~~~

The last month was not filled with blogging, but it was filled with a lot of everything else.

I had a wonderful time at the Eric Carle Museum with Jeannine (Peter for a little while) and Ellen.  ~ Jeannine and Ellen ooze talent!  Then we worked at the cafe, and I revised a picture book that I think will be fun to illustrate. The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book art had some of Eric Carle's non-book art, and I LOVED the exhibit of the art of Ezra Jack Keats which was just fabulous!

I couldn't go to a retreat in Maine that I absolutely adore because of absolutely annoying asthma. But, I saw that a workshop was being given very nearby (like 3 miles from my studio!) and miracle of miracles they had a cancellation! Meant to be!
So I went to a wonderfully informative Master Class on Plot by Cheryl Klein (who is a genius btw).  Not only did I learn how/what I needed to fix in my middle grade story, but I can see how I can map out the scenes and make it a much stronger manuscript. And surprise surprise I found a few things that I actually did quite right!

Also, finished off all the started pieces of jewelry. I am thrilled with how they came out and I am going to upload and discount my stock.  I also created an order form for custom pieces that I think will streamline that process. Fingers crossed!
Will let you know when is all ready to go!

I had finished a story board for my Z picture book. But now, it is back in revision, so that will need a bit of tweaking before it can become a dummy. Writing AND illustrating means I write, draw, then rewrite and redraw.... hopefully almost finished with that cycle now!

A few months ago I made a list of creative work ideas, and what my goals are, and the Pros and Cons for each thing.  Yesterday, I sat with that list and realized that the Cons were really issues I needed to solve more than actual cons that could not be overcome.
Some of those issues require--- HELP from others--- Imagine that, asking help when I need it.
An Ahha moment!

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