Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The 100 days program!

Yesterday I started the 100 days program. I invented this program for myself and for you, if you need it.
I read blogs of many artists who are just having their first babies. Just starting their families. They feel stretched and vulnerable.
I can say it is that way at both ends. I have been an artist while raising our four sons and now that they are older,  we have bigger issues than dirty diapers and teething.  Real, big life with real big problems. Problems with employment, car troubles, relationship challenges, college loans, master's programs, friends in trouble..... these years have stretched us out and there is no more vulnerable feeling then having your child, drive away in your car. Or get on a plane for a semester abroad.

As some artists are trying to learn how to work around, revolve around a baby or small children.
I am spinning the other way! It is challenging to put me first. I am so used to revolving my schedule around everyone else.
Believe me, I don't regret that one bit. But that is over....
And so,
the 100 day program.
I need to get into the pace of putting me first.
This is about getting happy, healthy habits!

100 days of working out
100 days of revising my novel
100 days of artwork

Creative happy healthy habits for the new year!

we added a bouquet of flowers to the table to combat the dreary winter! 
This one is for you!


  1. so many are so new to Motherhood and so many are at the other end of it all ... like you and then there are peeps like me 48 and right in the middle ... middle school ... our journeys.

  2. Now at this end, I look back fondly at middle school! Pre-driving! It is really all journey. I always thought I would catch up, get a schedule, get organized, in the end it was just going with the flow~~~~