Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Goodbye RED WALL!!

Five years ago when I moved into my studio I had to do a huge--HUGE renovation of it. Mostly cleaning, ripping out carpet and painting.. but it was a HUGE GROSS mess!
I have a glass block wall that separates the art area and a storage room. I painted it red (see below)

I used to love opening the door to all my white walls and my bug shiny red wall. But now I don't really see it anymore. It has become part of the landscape I guess. So I think the solution to breathing new life into this space is to paint that wall!!

This is the palette I am choosing from. It is the old Ralph Lauren Sport collection.
I saved this old one because I knew I love these bright hues and find them so inspiring......
So the question I have thrown out into the world is.... 
what color would YOU choose to paint the red wall?????????????????


  1. How about a nice soft rose or lilac? Something that evokes a fresh start.

  2. Thanks Paula. That is what I am going for.. a fresh start! Something that brings a little newness to the space.
    Thanks so much for the suggestions!

  3. Hmmmm I LOVE the red...but if you "must" change it LOL..probably pale yellow and I would hand paint butterflys and clouds on it.

  4. Im thinking one of those breezy blues would be a cool change.

  5. Oh Nice suggestion Linda! How could I not think of painting something on it besides a color?

  6. Thanks Kathy Anne! I think I am leaning toward the sky!