Monday, March 21, 2011

The Studio Tour!

As I mentioned in the previous post, my studio is on a warehouse road about 10 minutes from our house.
My studio is the door on the far left by the white car.

You can see my studio is long and narrow-ish. There are my windows up the side of the building.
When you open the door... you are can see my first room, ending with my red glass block wall.
(That wall is getting painted on thursday! YAY)

When I first moved in the place was a gross wreck. I cleaned and painted everything including the floor.
My landlord- angel, gave me the first months free because it needed so much work! Totally awesome!
 Below is the shelves that are on the left when I open the door.
I painted the whole thing white and added the shelves. The glass doors were found in the back of the warehouse, so we guess they were from that space, but not sure why it was never painted or shelved and why the doors were in the warehouse--and so glad to find them!

At one time there was a doorway between my space and the office warehouse space, they closed in the door, but left the door there with a 5 inch space. 
Just last year, I painted the interior space black and shelved it, so now it is a paint cupboard..and I love it!

Two years ago the studio ceiling leaked over my drawing table and desk, it flooded while I was away and I came back to a lot of ruin.  I am a little afraid to put my desk back int he same spot, so I left it blank and brought in this chair and coffee table. This is where I sit and write with my feet up and my laptop on my lap. I love this cozy corner.

There is a second room that I use for storage and I have a table with a small frig and my keurig coffee maker, behind the glass block wall. I have a lot of supplies for arts in education school visits there and storage of completed artwork.

I used this long hall as an experiment with blackboard-magnetic paint. It is great as a blackboard, but needs another coat to be more magnetic. I want to use this wall to hang picture book sketches.

This is the small bathroom. I was experimenting with a band of design in the center of the wall. I like it, except I think I would like it more with a white glaze over the whole thing...

Thank you for touring my studio! I will post the re-painted red wall on Thursday!


  1. wonderful space. I am so happy for you !

  2. WOW what a cool space! What a terrific job you've done cozying up an industrial environment... sounds like lots of hard work, but clearly worth it. Even the bathroom. (Man mine is a shambles compared to your stenciled masterpiece!!)

  3. Thanks TJ.... That bathroom is actually free-hand scribble! If I get it glazed, I will post a better picture.

    Tomorrow's post.... how I found this studio--or how it found me!

  4. What a wonderful space. i like the bathroom wall as is, but you need to hang some art to give it more color!