Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oh look Part 3! I'm back.. anyone there?

Maybe this is just in time for your first conference! I hope so!
You signed up. You paid your hotel. You sent in your manuscript and you are all ready to go.

This is my best advice for your review....

1. listen. This will be difficult because you might be thinking of what you should say, but you must listen. If there are suggestions, compliments, advice.. etc. You are paying for this wisdom.

2. If your review is not with an editor or art director but with an author or illustrator instead do not be discouraged. You are lucky to to have that time with an experienced peer.  As you work harder, submit more, learn more, you will realize that your peers are a wealth of knowledge and their suggestions come from a place of hope! They sincerely want you to do well. So ... LISTEN.

3. If you thought the reviewer was going to bring you a contract for immediate signing, do not be disappointed! Conferences are for connections and learning. Learning takes time. Teaching takes time. Appreciate all the time invested in you.

4. Even if your manuscript needs a ton of work, listen for the compliment or word of encouragement. That encouragement will carry you through to your next revision!!

5.Try to have some fun! This is the water cooler moment for the writers who work alone!

6. Going to a conference is a huge opportunity! Just being there, surrounded by other writers is a great experience! Remember how lucky you are!

: )

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