Thursday, June 7, 2012

oh doggies!

This is my excuse for being absent here.................

We took the dogs with us to the farm. It's beautiful there.. with hummingbirds and rainbows!
What could possibly go wrong????

*cue the warning music*

Mr. McGee (pictured on the right) found a turkey feather and wouldn't give it up.
See below he doesn't like to give stuff up easily.

He was so sick the next morning. SO SICK, so much poop. So sick + couldn't find the exit in an unfamiliar house!
So sick... on the pale blue carpeting in the family room. In front of the tv, in front of the recliner, in front of the couch. In the dining room.. next to the table and finally in front of the sliding door.
We ended up rushing out to buy a bissell carpet shampooer and then hours cleaning carpeting.

It wasn't the rainbow visit we thought we were going to have.

The good-great news is that the Bissell pet carpet cleaner was great! THANK YOU BISSELL!
 I thought we were going to be buying rooms of new carpeting.

That night, we gave him some rice. He seemed better enough to make the 2 hour drive home.

He is back to his cheerful self. 

Lesson.. if you see a turkey feather... do not try to eat it.
and if you bring dogs to your in-laws house, you may end up buying them a carpet shampooer (and keeping it there for just-in-case next time!)

In other awesome news... keep checking back to see what magic I work on this craigslist $40. beauty!

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  1. One advantage of having hardwood floors instead of our old broadloom is that it's easier to clean up when Echo has an upset tummy.

    When he has diarrhea, chicken soup with half a matzoh ball or with rice can make him feel better.

  2. Definitely!our floors make life so much easier!!