Monday, June 18, 2012

The case of the book cases!

Craigslist, my secret obsession. 
I am dangerous on Craigslist. I am cursed with the ability to see POTENTIAL and C-list is nothing but potential.
First, I found the drafting table. Antique, oak, and I adore it. I love that it started in a college art dept. in the 60's and when they threw it away, it was saved by a grad student, he went on to become an architect and now he is moving across country so he wanted to get rid of it. 
We took it apart, barely fitting it the jeep. And then, reassembled, some wood oil and done.  
I work a lot on wobbly folding tables. I love drawing at this drafting table, sturdy, no hunching.

Then, I saw the potential of THIS cabinet!
My allergist said to not keep books in the bedroom, too dusty. We had about a million books in our bedroom. So I boxed them up (and yes, lots of dust) and put some in the office, some in the family room. 
Then, I saw this cabinet. I see it painted cream and the inside deep blue and lots of room for books. I think this will be in our room for new books a To-Be-Read cabinet. Full of potential and they will be safe from dust behind the glass door.

I made a vow to stay off craigslist. I have work to do, and a cabinet to paint, and I don't need any other projects. Then, I found these! $25. each! OH the potential here is huge.
These were built into the wall of a shop, it was sold to a couple who is making sails for sailboats, and they don't need this kind of shelving.
I sent the pics below to our contractor friend with the idea that they would be perfect installed in our family room. He could see the potential too! Since I knew I wasn't going to be able to install them myself, his okey dokey was all I needed.
I gave the u-haul manager the dimensions and we rented a U-Haul van and headed 1 1/2 hrs to pick them up. Only, they measured the inside of the van, not the opening. Holey Canoly.
We ended up taking one apart, with the help of hammers and crow bars. But finally got it packed in the van.
So we have these taking up half the garage. More potential.

This morning, I opened my writing file and dove back into chapter 7. It has potential, and I have to fix it and bring it to it's best self, without disassembling, oiling it, painting it, or getting a contractor.

Sometimes I don't feel up to the task. And when I reread what I have and think it's not good enough and I want to quit, I just can't seem to walk away from the potential.

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  1. Cool!! Okay, I know I shouldn't be encouraging your Craig's List obsession, but those are all A-W-E-S-O-M-E! The cabinet is my favorite--and I'm a bit envious right now. LOL

    My bedroom looks like a library threw up! Books everywhere because I ran out of shelf space. I told hubby we need a new house. No problem--if only we could afford one. ;-) Hopefully soon because no only are my books everywhere, but the kids are getting bigger and we're all running out of room in this little place (the "library" isn't the only thing that looks like it's thrown up--just sayin').

    Happy first day of summer!

  2. I found a dresser for my sister on C-list today!

    Our books were piled everywhere, and they are leaking back into the bedroom, one by one! : )