Friday, July 6, 2012

Salad in a jar ~ the process..

I went to Agway and bought mason Ball Jars, they were 12.99 for a dozen. They are bigger than they look here, 1 Quart each (with wide mouth openings).

Instead of putting veggies from the store into the frig door to rot, I washed and cut everything up:

The bottom level of the jar is the dressing, which is great because you can measure the amount you want since that is where the calories are!

I put hard veggies, carrots, celery toward the bottom by the dressing then pile everything up.
These jars have caesar dressing, carrots, celery, cucumber, mushroom, grilled chicken, tomato and lettuce.
Croutons have to go in when you eat them, if you want them or they will get soft.

I really pack the lettuce. Now I just put the lids on and put them in the frig. The cold in the frig seals them even tighter! When you are ready to eat, you just turn your jar upside down and shake so the dressing can be distributed. We eat right out of the jar, but you can pour it into a bowl.

I made 12 jars on a Monday and by Thursday my (4) sons (probably only 3 of them) ate 11 jars of salad and we no longer have a veggie drawer in the frig. full of veggies going bad!!!
Everything in the jar, even cut tomatoes are still fresh after 7 days!!!

If it is as easy to eat as a cookie ~ we can eat a salad!

Our family is all grown-ish and everyone is coming and going and when they stop by they are always looking for food, and I am trying to lose weight, get healthy and stronger and I just love having these all lined up in the frig ready to go.. nothing is mushy, nothing being wasted. 

Now I have to go revise the last chapters of my middle grade novel. You go make some salads. You will thank me later!

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