Tuesday, July 24, 2012


 Let's call this series, "On the Easel"!

First I painted this Lilac painting. I love this palette. Love the purples, blues and greens. I have loved this palette since I was little. 

Do you know I remember these colors on a sofa slipcover when I was a little girl. I remember noticing it and loving it. I was probably only FIVE!

I am going to submit this to a juried art show. Since they accept two submissions, I had to come up with something else too.

After the Lilacs lose their blooms, I look forward to the purple and blues of the summer hydrangea!
So, that seemed a perfect companion! 

Before I could even think of a painting, I had to do some warm-ups!
A talented artist Amy Guglielmo (Amy is so talented: http://www.touchtheart.com/) painted lady sap buckets and gave me a few buckets, so these were the warm-ups!

How cute are these?

 I love these Summer Ladies!

oh, and there was this little warm up project also..... I just had to paint this tote!
If you want to see it BEFORE, you will have to go to FLYING PIG BOOKSTORE facebook page 
(I forgot to take a before pic ; )

Oh and I painted this GARDEN! Which I also love!  Wheww, It has been a busy 4 days!  

Oh, and for the non-artists reader-folk. One painting took.... 18 different brushes! No one tells you that! And while I paint, I admit, each brush I pick up I say to myself, "oh this is my favorite brush." Which cracked me up when I realized I have 18 favorites! : )

I am going to finish the work on the easel tomorrow (Wednesday) and then get the cupboard I painted out of the garage and into the house! I will take a picture when it is all settled in : )

What have you been up to?

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