Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The lesson on Sylvester

See this shirt? This is an old pink shirt I had in 7th grade. I drew that picture of Sylvester the cat on the shirt and then embroidered it. Cool, right? Wrong. 
This shirt didn't really fit me well when I drew on it. I wouldn't have tried this on a 'good' shirt. 
I wouldn't want to ruin it. But this was a safe shirt. I could throw it away if I messed up.
What I didn't think of was....
I was planning for failure.

When I finished it. I loved it. I did a great job on it. I have never worn it. It didn't fit well and is old and faded. 

Isn't that a lesson we need to learn.
 Don't be afraid of ruin. 
Don't be afraid of a mistake. 
Don't be afraid to try something you have never tried and risk it being imperfect.
What if you try and it is great!
What if you try and it is perfect!
Don't be afraid to try and fail.
But certainly don't plan to fail.
Don't be afraid to try and SUCCEED!

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  1. Yes, girlie ... what an awesome way to illustrate this point ... I get it ... Thanks