Thursday, April 14, 2011

Acrylic ink vs. clay illo

Okay, I am playing around with acrylic inks for my new portfolio pieces.  Below is a lion I doodled in ink and below that is the lion illustration from my portfolio -- what do you think?
a. stick with clay
b. keep doodling, and work in acrylics

Much thanks for your input!


  1. Hi, I found you via the kidlitart discussion. I think your style in both mediums is very good, but have you considered mixing them? For instance I think the clay work you do could really benefit from some more detailed or textured background. Have you tried doing acrylic painting with clay characters over that? It would give it even more depth and I think that would really bring your illustrations up to another level. I myself am working on 3 level illustrations for my new book to add more depth to my images, so I've been thinking about this and thought I would share.

  2. Thanks Ryan. That is a great suggestion. I was thinking of layering the images and photographing to show more depth. I really appreciate new eyes and new perspectives!