Friday, April 22, 2011

Giving old furniture a new lift!

I almost forgot to take a  BEFORE picture, so I stopped priming and took a quick shot.
This trunk belonged to my grandmother, the veneer top is all chipped and dry.
So, I decided to paint it white (linen white) and see if I could freshen it up.

This is the scary middle. It is when the whole thing seems like a huge mistake.  I use Zinsser primer, because you do not have to sand it first! Which is awesome!!! But doesn't it look horrible, all primed.

There is Gibbs, my furry assistant. He didn't lick the paint, which amazed me! He likes to taste just about  everything!
I let the primer dry and set all day. Then, I painted thin coats of linen white, softer than a bright white.
I love it! Fresh-clean and less of a giant blob in the middle of the room.
Next is the night stand in the far corner!

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  1. Were you actually doing that in the middle of your bedroom? You're brave. I always have the desire to refinish furniture, but I don't have the skills, so I'm afraid to try. Looks like you did a nice job.