Friday, April 29, 2011

NIghtstand re-do......

This is the nightstand BEFORE. It belonged to my grandmother. See those tacky silk flowers? Those were a gift from my 4 boys with this sweet sentiment,"These flowers won't die, so we never have to buy you flowers again." they are so practical! : )

The nightstand got primed, painted, and polyurethaned. I tried to replace the drawer handle but it is small, and I will have to order one. I can't part with my "forever flowers" so I cut them down and put them in a small lenox vase, much better.  
It looks fresh, and now I am anxious to repaint those green walls.  Why oh why did I paint the walls green? 


  1. Home renovations projects are my fave. and this night stand turned out awesome!

  2. thanks sonya! it is so nice to give old tired furniture some new life! : )